Deep Blue Dark

Almost-Olympic swimmer Hanna Frank is treading water in her post-college life. She wants to go to vet school but instead, she’s working at an aquarium gift shop and taking care of her sick mother. One day after her morning run, Hanna finds a magical stone on the beach and gets swept out to sea by a freak tsunami. She surfaces in the Otherworld, a realm full of sidhe and other magical creatures long believed to be only in myths and fairy tales.

Hanna tries to find her way home but gets caught up in a rivalry between the different sidhe courts. And the longer Hanna stays, she realizes that some sidhe have no intention of letting her leave. With the help of two selkies, a frightened fairy, and an unruly pooka, Hanna must learn to wield her own magic powers and brave the dangers of the deep blue dark in order to return home.

DEEP BLUE DARK is the second novel from Grace Williams.


With one last glance out over the rough waves and into the vastness of the ocean, Hanna felt that indescribable longing she always did.
Like she should be out there.
Like there was something more, something she was missing.
If she could keep her back to the shore, maybe her life wouldn’t catch up to her.


Word Count: 93,000

Genre:  Fantasy